Linfox investment platform was established in 2011, we have come a long way since then to become one of the most advanced companies that identify and provide investment opportunities in companies with growth potential as well as in various innovative startups and projects. Our experts use an intensive 90-step analysis process to find the most profitable and promising offers, which ensures high yield on your investment. Securities are offered via LINFOX Execution Services, Inc., a broker-dealer registered with the SEC AUS and FINRA | SIPC. We also provide assistance at all stages of investing, starting from signing an investment agreement with a company and ending with receiving the profit.



Over many years, we earned the reputation of a reliable, stable, and effective partner.


Our experts regularly analyze the market of startups and companies to provide new investment opportunities.


Due to long-term partnership agreements that we enter into with companies selected by us, we guarantee you a stable income


We have come a long way in our development to become one of the most advanced investment companies


We have built up a highly qualified team of professionals who perform a huge amount of analytical work daily


Our mission is to provide access to investment for a wide range of investors worldwide. Our experts refined the common investment scheme to make it simpler and more accessible, which resulted in democratization of capital and opening of a new class of assets in investor portfolios. Previously, investments were limited to a small group of related insiders and were made in hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. Since capital is raised from a large number of investors, we managed to lower the threshold, making investment available for everyone. Linfox strives to provide capital to companies with strong management and significant development potential. We often try to cooperate with managers to constantly improve and stimulate organic growth. Our team works so that you can invest in what’s next!