Australian Army – Rheinmetall MAN

Management and transportation of new defence vehicles

The customer

In April 2016, the Australian Army awarded the $3.6 billion LAND 121 3B contract for the provision of new vehicles and modules to Rheinmetall MAN (RMMV) over five years. RMMV committed to build and provide the Commonwealth Government with 2,707 vehicles and more than 3,800 modules. Variants include non-armoured and armoured, medium and heavy, and represent a replacement program for the aged Unimog and Mack truck fleets.

The challenge

One of several organisations conducting operations from this Australian Defence Force (ADF) military site, Linfox’s reputation for the existing provision of warehousing and distribution services for the Australian military led to the formation of a strategic supplier partnership. Key Linfox services include the management of these assets on-site and successful transportation to end users throughout Australia.

The solution

Linfox realised from the outset that the quality product that RMMV has built for the Australian Defence Force needed to be delivered in the same condition as it left the production line. Whether the delivery point is 100 kilometres away or 3000 kilometres away, being unloaded from a single trailer or being lifted from a rail car, there would be no compromise on service quality.

To perform each delivery safely, Linfox developed a comprehensive set of procedures that all parties must strictly adhere to.

Two years into the project, more than 650 vehicles have been delivered safely, on time and according to specific local ADF and RMMV requirements.

There are another 2100 high profile vehicles to be delivered in the next three years. Transportation costs remain a key component of the contract, and Linfox has lowered the cost through intermodal solutions such as rail, and consolidation with other Linfox activities.

RMMV has since been awarded the contract for Land 400: the supply and delivery of next generation light armour vehicles for the Australian Army. Linfox and RMMV will continue to build the strength of their relationship and capability through the delivery of this contract.