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Solutions: Investing for growth

In this edition:

Building for a strong future – New Brisbane super-site

Leading the Way – Delivering for our future

Growing the Lion’s share – New automated warehouse technology

Bushfire support – Assisting communities in need

Solutions: Leading The Way

In this edition:

A clever future – Investing in talent and automation

Automation at any size – From mirco to maxi

Digital Freight Network – Working smarter

It’s elementary – Are hydrogen trucks the future?

Solutions: Serious about innovation

In this edition:

Fleet for purpose – South32 Illawarra, NSW.

Healthy supply chains – Vaccines work when supply chains work.

Thirsty work – Beverages in Asia.

Driven to distraction – Mobile use behind the wheel.

Solutions: Investing in progress

In this edition:

On track for growth – Linfox’s entry into the Queensland intermodal market realises the company’s 20-year vision to deliver greater access, competition and service to the region.

Electrified transport – Paving the way towards an electric vehicle future.

Investing in Asia – Strategic investments accelerate growth for Linfox International Group.

Solutions: Secure supply chains

In this edition:

Always vigilant. Always secure – Join Linfox Security behind the scenes of daily operations

Chain of Responsibility: a new era of compliance – Discover how you’ll be affected by changes to Chain of Responsibility law

Women of logistics – Meet three women shaping the future of logistics

Special edition: Transport of tomorrow

In this edition:

  • Transforming transport through technology – Significant advancements in new technologies are creating opportunities for those willing to adopt and advance in the new and bold frontiers.
  • Automated and connected potential for trucking – Australia and the world’s transport systems are about to undergo a significant change.
  • Charged wheels: modelling insights on electric vehicles – With a growing number of models released on the market, electric vehicles promise to revolutionise freight transport. Where and when could they be deployed in the Linfox network?

December / January 2018 edition: Fresh technology

In this edition:

  • Keep your cool: just-in-time delivery for fresh food – Australian shoppers want fresh food and they want it fast. In the battle for market share, retailers must build a true partnership with growers, suppliers and cold chain specialists to move produce more quickly from paddock to plate.
  • All eyes on BevChain: next level visibility – In just over a decade, BevChain has evolved from an idea to a true industry solution. Now, under 100% Linfox ownership and with a focus on new technology, BevChain is offering even more to the beverage industry.
  • Waving the flag: the promise and challenges of autonomous vehicles – Faced with an increasing freight task and a shrinking and aging driver workforce, the logistics industry needs to consider autonomous vehicles if it is to meet demand in the future. But what are the benefits for supply chains? And what needs to be done to realise them?

June / July 2017 edition: Geared for success

In this edition:

  • The intelligent future – New advancements in warehouse automation are bringing a new world, where robots can see, make educated choices and act on decisions, closer to reality.
  • A sound partnership – Linfox has established a high speed fulfilment solution incorporating e-commerce, kitting, personalisation, reverse logistics and after-sales services.
  • Linfox safety culture = ZERO infringements – The effectiveness of Linfox’s industry-leading safety program Vision ZERO has been recognised in an investigation by the Office of the Road Safety Camera Commissioner.