Warehouse management systems

The Linfox Warehouse Management System (LWMS) integrates best practice processes designed for efficient and reliable warehousing operations across the industry. Combined with standard training and interfaces, the LWMS enables easy configuration and rapid integration with our customers’ existing systems.

Warehouse solutions

Linfox can build a warehouse, or a whole network. Our expertise can deliver a strategic warehouse solution with analysis and insights including:

  • automation solutions
  • racking configurations
  • simulated DC operations
  • simulated operational financial forecasts
  • distribution centre and warehouse design
  • evaluation of traffic flows within the facility
  • evaluation of storage capacity and options
  • analysis of labour, MHE, racking and carbon footprint data
  • generation of efficiency reports to assess labour and Materials Handling Equipment (MHE)
  • assessment of operating parameters e.g. receipt/put-away, replenish/pick and load/dispatch.


Linfox has also increased the energy efficiency of its warehouses with a significant ongoing investment in renewable energy. To date more than five 100 kilowatt (kW) solar panel systems have been installed across our warehouse network. The systems provide enough energy to power the equivalent of 100 Australian homes and will offset our total energy use. This will avoid creating 554 tonnes of CO2 annually. More systems will be installed in the coming years to further decrease our environmental impact.

We have also invested in other sustainable solutions including water catchment and energy efficient lighting systems.

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